Don’t ever think about missing the city, the best of a coastal city.

                Do we have to tell you that this is one of the things you cannot miss on the Costa Blanca? Probably not. It is obvious that the Côte Blanche first attracts lovers of idleness, water sports, iodized landscapes and sea spray. However, in view of the colossal number of beaches that compete in beauty and curiosity, we have put together a small selection of our favorite places.

  • Calpe: the colorful and multifaceted city offers one of the most surprising beaches on the coast. In Cantal Roig, nature is immersed in crystal clear waters crossed by endemic aquatic animals.
  • Elche: the beach is distinguished by its vast expanse of sand that covers the entire horizon with its golden mantle. Sometimes some dune beds or forest thickets disturb this perfect flower bed.
  • Javea: the coves are recognized as the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca, as evidenced by the crown of green plants and the turquoise lagoons that they hold in their arms.
  • Isla de Tabarca: if the island stands out for its large number of historical places, it is best known for the beauty of its waters. This paradise is an extraordinary and preserved nature reserve.
  • Benidorm: the beaches of this resort attract those looking for a mix of urban and rural.

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